Call for Submissions: Win free registration to the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in DC

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2015Design Competition croppedThe Institute for Patient-Centered Design has launched a design competition to develop “The Patient Centered Behavioral Health Environment.”  This year, the Institute’s goal is to raise awareness of the needs of patients in mental health facilities. We invite design teams to submit their ideas (in the form of built or schematic design).

The top two scoring teams (selected by our jury) will each receive one free full registration to attend the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in Washington, DC where they will present their design submissions.  The team with the third highest score will be offered the discounted speaker’s rate for one team member to join this presentation. These teams will each have an opportunity to walk the audience through their design solutions in virtual reality space during our educational session.  Conference attendees will vote for their favorite projects.  The winning project will be built in 2016.

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